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A native of Chicago and longtime resident of Los Angeles, Jonathan Widran is a multi-faceted writer whose work over the past 25 years includes music and entertainment journalism, public relations writing for major record labels and top independent firms, general business writing, website content creation, and writing for advertising, marketing and branding campaigns for a variety of industries.


As a veteran music journalist, Jonathan has been a regular contributor, reviewer, feature writer, columnist and/or editor for Music Connection, Wine and Jazz Magazine, Jazziz Magazine, All Music Guide, Singer/Songwriter Universe,,, iTunes, and the Los Angeles Times. He is also a well respected entertainment PR writer who has written for Sony, Capitol, Warner Bros. and other recording companies, as well as public relations firms including Rogers & Cowan, Luck Media & Marketing and Baker Winokur Ryder. 


Jonathan has written thousands of bios for major and indie artists and bands, boutique businesses and major corporations, authors, executives and entrepreneurs. He has also written liner notes for recording projects, penned blogs, created marketing materials for major media projects and ghost written books and dozens of chapters in bestselling business anthologies featuring the likes of Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield and Richard Branson. He has also written hundreds of business articles that have been part of marketing campaigns in USA Today, BusinessWeek, Forbes, World Fitness Elite, Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Yahoo! Finance. His articles have also been syndicated to hundreds of entertainment and business dot coms throughout the world. 


Jonathan has also been a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS) since 2004. He has also taught English as a Second Language (ESL) and has conducted classes in PR writing at such schools as Cal State Fullerton.

In 2018, Jonathan launched a blog review site called The JW Vibe ( to review recordings and live music performances in a multitude of genres, from new age to alternative rock. The site has had over 14,000 unique visitors and its reviews have been viewed in North America (U.S, Canada, Mexico), South America (Argenina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil), Africa (Uganda, South Africa), Asia (Russia, China, South Korea, Phillippines, Thailand, Singapore) and Europe (UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine) as well as the Middle East.

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