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One of the World’s Leading Authorities on Iridology, Herbalism

and Overcoming Illness Naturally, Shannon Expands The 

Revolutionary Work Of His Father At Sydney’s Pinnacle

Health Clinic



 In the mid-80s, long before naturopathic medicine – now commonly known as naturopathy - was a popular, generally accepted alternative to traditional medicine in Australia, groundbreaking naturopath Eli Shamon opened the Pinnacle Health Clinic in Parramatta, Sydney.


Now renowned as Australia’s Leading Natural Medicine Clinic, it offered a wide array of natural treatment services, including homeopathy and herbalism and the use of plant based medicines, complemented by Shamon’s additional expertise in the unique science of Iridology – a technique by which patterns, colors and other characteristics of the iris can be examined to determine information about a patient’s systemic health. 


Within a few years, thousands of people Down Under, hearing about the incredible results Shamon achieved for his patients, ventured beyond their skepticism and would wait up to two and a half hours to spend five minutes with him. This spectacular word of mouth and the standing room only crowds led a reporter from the Sydney Daily Telegraph, the largest newspaper in New South Wales, to check out Pinnacle.


Will Shannon, Shamon’s son, a second generation naturopath who has run the ever-popular and expanding clinic since his father retired in 2011, says, “His goal was to attack the clinic and the field of natural medicine, but after waiting for two hours, he saw my dad and the health issue he came in with was quickly fixed. When my father started his practice, people uneducated about natural medicine saw him as something like a witch doctor. But by the 90s, his success had led to the establishment of numerous naturopath colleges and associations. Now, it’s massive and everyone wants to be a naturopath. Although my dad stayed in his corner and just focused on running his business, the incredible results he achieved for thousands of people completely revolutionized the industry here.”


Shannon, who grew up in his father’s business and recalls his teen years “mixing medicine” in the days before Pinnacle had outside manufacturers for its extensive line of plant based treatments, began working full time at the clinic alongside Shamon in 2009. His passion for naturopathy led him to complete three advanced diplomas after receiving his Bachelor of Health Science degree from Charles Sturt University – in nutrition, naturopathy and herbalism. He has an advanced diploma from the Australia Institute of Applied Science and a doctorate from the U.S. based Trinity College of Natural Medicine.


Shannon is now one of the world’s leading authorities on natural medicine, the science of Iridology, herbalism and how to overcome incurable illness, treating people from all around Australia combining old school methods with cutting edge technologies. Founder and President of the Australian Complementary Medicine Association – which represents complementary healthcare workers via services like legal support, private insurance, medical malpractice protection – he has consulted with tens of thousands of people from over 140 countries.


Among those Shannon has treated are the prime ministers of the South Seas island nations of Fiji and Samoa, and members of the Tongan royal family and top government officials from the Polynesian kingdom of Tonga. He has also served as an advisor to leaders from all walks of life, including global celebrities, actors, media and entertainment figures, and national and international athletes.


While his father was a “one man army” focused on healing those who came to his clinic and rarely told his patients how certain herbs and medicines helped get them well, Shannon is quickly developing an educational based model of naturopathy and is deeply involved with creative marketing efforts to expand the reach of Pinnacle Health Clinic across Australia.


Shannon’s driving vision is for his country to one day make naturopathy more than just a healthy alternative – but to make committed practitioners like him people’s primary care physicians. He is constantly traveling to other major cities in Australia – Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Canberra, etc. - to give patients naturopathic consultations, then give them herbs and prescribe natural medicines. He’s been invited to treat people in the U.S. and Thailand. Working with a powerful marketing firm in Sydney, Pinnacle has, throughout 2014, put flyers in mailboxes in every capital city in Australia, offering free consultations with Shannon. He also appears on billboards and the sides of busses and in major publications, including the country’s biggest weekly, Women’s Day magazine.


He generally sees up to 80 people per day. Beyond what he can accomplish personally for others, however, Shannon also wants to open more clinics in Australia, and expand to some of the local Pacific islands, and train others to do what Pinnacle has been doing for years He’s also been approached by governments of various countries to set up local clinics and train residents to help people based on local regulations.


The governments of Fiji, Tonga and Samoa have asked him to design healthcare systems in their countries that include education in schools and setting effective policies for tobacco and alcohol use. These opportunities inspired Shannon to create the World Health Care Council, which is responsible for directing and coordinating providence for health within government and non-government systems throughout the world. It operates  hand in hand with Australian Complementary Medicine Association, working with governments eager to offer Shannon funding for natural health clinics and colleges in their countries.


“My goal in all this is to become Australia’s most well known naturopath,” he says. “Traveling all the time can be exhausting but I enjoy the opportunity to reach more people. My dad basically became the busiest naturopath in Australia through results. Results are obviously important to me as well, and I often say that nobody comes to Pinnacle because we’re nice people, they come because they want and expect results. Beyond that foundation, I’m trying to become the busiest naturopath of this generation via clever marketing and educating clients more than my father did. I don’t charge for the consultations, only for the medicine I prescribe. We’re the largest supplier of natural, plant based medicine in the country. The extracts come from many different places, including China, Africa and India.


“I really love what I’m doing,” Shannon adds, “and my dad is happy to see everything move towards healing new generations. The challenge for me is being the best in an industry that has become saturated with practitioners since upswing in interest in naturopathy since that boom in the 90s driven by my dad.”


 As with Eli Shamon, Shannon sets himself apart from others who identify as naturopaths with his expertise in Iridology. By shining a light into someone’s eyes and focusing on the fibers that run from the pupil to the outside of the eye, he can tell certain things about a patient, i.e. the closer they are together, the stronger the person is. This allows him to do something most doctors cannot – tell the patients what is wrong with them rather than them first explaining their pains and symptoms to him!


 Naturopathic philosophy is based on a belief in vitalism and self-healing, and it’s well known that its practitioners often prefer methods of treatment that are not compatible with more conventional medicine. Along these lines, Shannon says, “I believe there is no such thing as an incurable illness. I believe the human body has the power to overcome anything. It might take time and depend on various factors, but it will happen. We’re here to help guide that process.” 


 Shannon thinks that natural medicine is currently more accepted as a mainstream option for healing in Australia – and that includes more government acceptance - than in the U.S. for the simple reason that it’s illegal for pharmaceutical companies to advertise on TV. But there is still a long way to go to help educate consumers on the value of naturopathy and the many options and treatments that exist. A huge motivating factor in Shannon’s quest to stand out from other practitioners is the fact that, from his experience, he believes most naturopathic physicians are substandard and limited in what they can do.


“We’re old school,” he says, “believing in the concept of keeping the body clean of toxicity, making sure the blood is circulating properly and supporting metabolism via plant based medicines. Unfortunately, most naturopaths here think a little fish oil and magnesium will do the trick, and never use herbs and plants. Many put themselves out there with multi-level marketing schemes and jumping on the latest fads, but none of that can free the body of its toxins.”


 Getting more specific, Shannon adds, “If you go to a naturopath with back pain or heart problems, these others might give you a little Vitamin B, complex fish oil, magnesium and a few herbs but most people don’t feel much better. Most people in this country just use vitamins and minerals and don’t get results. They don’t use herbs and so the junk remains in their bodies.


 Shannon is currently working on a book called “The Nordic Diet,” in which he endorses a plant based diet and the detoxification and opening of elimination organs.


“At Pinnacle,” he says, “we give them 45-50 herbs, part of a more thorough treatment that totally flushes their system. We tap into timeless principles and stronger herbs than most. We believe that to keep the body free of toxins, we must clear the bowels and kidneys. Toxins can get in via basically everything we eat, drink, put on our skin or breathe in and we focus on the four ‘exits,’ via the kidneys, bowel, sweat and the respiratory system.

“The success of our herbs and creams to cure things like joint pain keeps people in our industry fascinated, but we have also been successful curing everything from cold and flu like symptoms to extreme so called incurable illnesses. Part of the reason we get such results is one of our trade secrets: we clear the elimination channels and keep the body free of these things.”









Immersed in the Beauty and Diversity of Maui For 30 Years,

The Charismatic Realtor Shares Its Rejuvenating Spirit

Via Lifelong Friendships and Personal Concierge Services



 As a culture, we love to bandy about phrases like “paradise” and “heaven on earth” as metaphors when we let our minds drift to sunnier days, away from the day-to-day grind. But what if we could live those daydreams? What if we could make fantasy reality? What if someone gave us the power to convert those elusive concepts into a lifetime of comfort, there with every new sunrise the moment we wake up in the morning?


A dynamic and magnetic presence on the island of Maui for 30 years,Kathy Ross – influential real estate agent, personal concierge and perhaps The Valley Isle’s most passionate ambassador – has made this swirl of pristine beaches, lush green valleys and volcanic landscapes her joyful personal playground. And she wants everyone she meets to feel at home there, to experience the fun and Aloha spirit that continues to inspire and define her life.

Driven by her deep love for the island’s landscape, diverse culture and often obscured charms, Kathy’s the go-to girl for those who want to live the life of their dreams the way she has. For hundreds of full time transplants and part-timers alike, becoming her client has opened the door to a beautiful, multi-faceted years-long friendship. Most “realtors” finish their transactions and let their clients loose. For Kathy, the moment the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed is just the beginning. She becomes their personal concierge, consulting and advising them – down to every last detail - as they create a niche and weave their own presence into the fabric of Maui’s community.


 As she helps them navigate their heretofore seemingly out of reach possibilities, they fall in love with the island of her home and make it their own. Her world opens their world.


Now like that gentle island sunrise, Kathy is opening her doors to you. When you first meet her, she may ask, “Can you imagine yourself living where you can breathe clean air, actually see the stars in the dark night sky, play in clean warm waters, eat the freshest organic foods grown all year long, where neighborhoods and schools are safe?” With her graceful guidance, as the superlatives merge into real life and your senses are recharged, you’ll quickly see that the answer to all of the above is “YES.” And as you enjoy another breathtaking purple-yellow-orange sunset over the calm Pacific, you’ll know why the natives often say “Maui No Ka Oi”; in localese, it means “Maui is the Best, the most, the top of the heap.”


“Even after all these years,” she says, “I pinch myself to make sure it’s for real. Maui is still laid back. Raising my son here from his birth to his now teenage years, has been a true blessing. There’s a place for everyone who wants a more meaningful lifestyle. And for those who seek adventure, there are more exciting options to choose from than we’ve ever had before.”


 People who want the best help while looking to buy or sell Maui luxury property in all categories, will be delighted to discover how Kathy is celebrating her 30th year living on the island and 26th year serving clients in the Maui real estate market. The talented entrepreneur and influential “one percenter” announces an exciting new venture whose name – Maui Home and Life/Luxury Real Estate and Lifestyles - speaks to the deep friendships she develops with clients and the wealth of personal services she provides. She’s forging ahead with the same revolutionary blend of dynamic client relations, market expertise and ambassadorial passion for her adopted home that has made her so intuitively responsible for taking care of her customers’ needs.


When you first start working with Kathy, you’ll realize that a few decades ago, she was just like you – enamored of the island’s charms but not sure of how to transition into the island with all its intricacies. But she followed her heart. She embraced the unique opportunities that came her way. She took risks. She found she loved helping people. Drawing on her multi-cultural education, powerful work ethic and emerging entrepreneurial skills, she created a fresh life for herself. She’s built & sold several of her own luxury houses – but that’s just the beginning of “living well” when it comes to making oneself at home on Maui.  Now being a seasoned “Kamaaina” Kathy will help you through your exciting lifestyle changes in ways that will save you time, add health and energy to your life, make it easy and a whole lot of fun for you and your family.


Kathy’s hundreds of satisfied clients can thank the harsh winters in her native Canada for the whimsical, winding path that led her to find her life’s calling on Maui. After finishing her university years, she took a year off and, craving sun and warmth, headed for the British Virgin Islands (BVI) – where she wound up living for 5 years on the ocean instead of on land. She immersed herself in learning “the sailor’s life” and started a successful boardsailing school. She used a small inheritance from her grandfather as a down payment on a 33-foot Freedom yacht, which became home.


The boat she called Harmonee didn’t have an engine, so she learned how to sail, single handed, and began racing in the local regattas around the Caribbean. Every summer during hurricane season, she stored her boat and headed back up North to race in the “North American Boardsailing Circuit.” Within three years she had won the title of Women’s Canadian National Champion and by 1983 she was chosen to represent the BVI in the Pan American Games. In 1984, she won the World Cup (women’s division) and earned a spot on the Canadian Olympic team for windsurfing, a demonstration event in the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.  


“Being so close to Maui, which was the Mecca of the radical wave jumping/boardsailing and where the major R&D of the sport was happening, I decided to fly there for a week, with only $400 in my pocket!” Kathy says. “Within that week, I knew Maui was my permanent home.” Unlike the Caribbean, where one had to visit different islands to find ‘variety’ of any sort…weather, activities, tourism, culture, cuisine, business and safety…Maui offered everything on one island. It has the balmy temperatures at sea level blessed by the consistent cooling trade winds; gorgeous distinct white, red  & black sandy beaches; the warm, calm waters, mesmerizing crashing surf, waterfalls, rain forests, hiking, biking and even a colder climate found at the higher altitudes of Haleakala National Park, which includes the summit of a 10,000 foot mountain - sometimes snowy for a few hours in the winter.


“I also love the sense of community, fabulous residential neighborhoods, commercial endeavors, golf, extreme and not so extreme water activities, hills, valleys, equestrian cowboy ‘Paniolo’ ranching countryside, a business district, decent banking system and the delightfulness of  tourism where everyone is loving life and enjoying themselves” she adds as if she’ll never run out of enthusiasm or favorite features. “For the first few years I remained in the sailing industry, working at a sail-loft in addition to running my own boat maintenance business. But I soon found myself gravitating back to the ways of ‘land-life’ and re-ignited my passions for being a real estate steward (ess).” If you’re interested in amassing wealth, then rare pieces of real estate are great to add to your portfolio”


Bringing her enterprising spirit to Hawaii, Kathy had the idea to create honeymoon packages for her Canadian friends – and came up with the idea of Hawaiian Health Holidays, a customized holiday experience catering to those who wanted different than the typical condo or hotel based type of vacation.

In the process of obtaining business permits, she had acquired her real estate license to satisfy the State’s requirement for fiduciary responsibilities. Discovering that the cost of liability insurance in the USA for the high adrenaline sports activities she wanted to introduce made the pricing of such honeymoon packages cost prohibitive. In 1988 she then used her real estate license to sell time-shares for a year, but soon realized that there was a huge market for people who wanted more than a home for just an annual two-week vacation. When she decided to enter the world of residential real estate, she began her practice in the Upcountry area on the slopes of Haleakala, offering luxury estates consisting of 2+ acres.


Kathy brings all those years of competitive experience and her seasoned connections, to Maui Home and Life, but her brilliance in negotiating transactions for wealthy clients, including celebrities, is just the start of what new clients can expect when they call.


Kathy’a desire to incorporate a concierge aspect of her service more formally into Maui Home and Life began organically about a decade ago when she was running her own company. Clients who became friends would ask her to help them with various details of their island lives. She derived so much joy from helping them that slowly it became an integral part of her business. Now, as she says, “it’s grown to making sure that when they arrive at night, after stores are closed, their fridge is stocked and dinner is waiting for them. Or if they’re selling their property, then staging and de-cluttering are included.”


With the launch of Maui Home and Life and its attentiveness to the Lifestyle aspect as the perfect complement to the real estate part, Kathy has developed the small details into a larger vision. Over the years, as a top broker and popular social presence on the island, she has made many connections with local businesses and now boasts a vast pool of resources to help a client get almost anything accomplished. Kathy can get “normal things” set up for you like your home and yardscape routine maintenance but she also loves the unique requests such as arranging a private supper for two on the beach, having your beloved pets transported to their new island home, your shipped automobile picked up at the dock or finding additional accommodations for large family reunions as when she participated in the planning of a very special bar mitzvah for a client’s grandson. Moving with children and need the scoop on all of the schools; want to build or remodel your home?  – well….. no one better to ask for guidance than Kathy.


Kathy loves sharing heartfelt experiences with her clients be they beach barbecues , concerts, music, art festivals, and other forms of entertainment Maui has grown to offer. She’ll introduce you to where and with whom to take up or enhance your favorite passion – on land, water, or in the air; artistic endeavors of all sorts - local cultural in essence or mainstream; out of the way very cool, smaller restaurants. If you like, she’ll also show you off the beaten path hiking trails, opportunities to belong to prestigious or family based country clubs, wine clubs, book clubs, yoga retreats and endless other social, volunteer and possible business opportunities.


When she worked with Mick Fleetwood, who owns the hopping, music-oriented restaurant Fleetwood’s on Front Street, he wanted to find a special spot for his family, specifically surrounded by acreage in Upcountry Maui that would remind him of his “English Gardens” from childhood. Knowing Upcountry Maui as well as she does, Kathy introduced him to the area of Kula and a private and secluded 12-acre estate where he, to this day, enjoys being surrounded by privacy, tranquility and outstanding ocean views.  


The Fleetwood Mac co-founder has said, “Kathy found this property, the dream that I had. We must have met 12 years ago, and from the time I asked her to look for me, she delivered so much energy and integrity about protecting me and my family, quite honestly, which led to a really fantastic friendship and to finding this very special property that is very dear to my heart.”


High praise from the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, but it’s all in a day’s work for Kathy, who treats legends and non-celebs with equal care and attention to detail. With today’s technology, she says, it’s completely possible for people to live, work and play on Maui like never before. She will help you investigate the “green” possibilities of living off the grid should this be a priority. She knows the locations where property can be found to build this kind of lifestyle for those who dream of it.


“I want to share this island that I am so crazy about with everyone I meet and work with,” she says. “For me, it’s all about enhancing people’s lifestyles. I have changed so much since I’ve been here and I love to share all of the special secrets of Maui with them. But I’m also dedicated to helping those who own or are thinking of buying property here connect with nature, via golf, walking, art, water sports, etc. I help alleviate the frenzied pace of life that most successful professionals have. I encourage them to spend time in nature, to realize that there’s another aspect of life that they’re not paying attention to in their normal daily routine. When tensions build up, Maui becomes the ultimate stress releaser. I am all about helping people relax, reflect and concentrate on their personal goals.


“My purpose,” Kathy adds, “is not just supporting you in the buying and selling of amazing property or being a great problem solver; but making sure you truly have every opportunity to connect in every way possible to this magical island. Whether you are an investor or full time resident - you don’t have to imagine being full of energy anymore. It’s waiting for you here in Maui.”







UK Born, The Gambian Raised Entrepreneur Rises From

 Humble Beginnings – And Uses His Success Story To

Empower Over 200,000 People In 200 Cities On Five Continents



A serial entrepreneur, empowering visionary and charismatic motivational speaker drawing on his personal success story to drive people to “Ignite Their Purpose,” Pa Joof continues to build his far-reaching empire of inspiration in multiple ways. When he’s not   stirring up a frenzy of positive energy, helping people get “unstuck” to explore new transformational possibilities, he’s personally coaching or mentoring fellow entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 execs, celebrities and world class speakers looking for moral support and that extra, key burst of clarity in their careers and lives.


Since he left the European corporate world and became a much sought after, multi-faceted “game changer,” the stats illuminating the UK born, The Gambian raised maverick’s expanding sphere of influence are staggering.


Voted a Top 100 Business Leader in the World to Follow on Twitter (with a following there of over 200,000), Pa has trained and spoken to over 200,000 people, spoken in over 200 cities in 25 countries on five continents – including his homeland of Africa, where he headlined a recent tour. Renowned for electrifying audiences with his signature spontaneous, authentic natural style – and being very accessible, unlike others in his field whose rock star status often prevents this – Pa has delivered over 3,000 talks around the world, shared stages with global icons (including former presidents) and helped his clients generate over $1 billion in revenue.


Corporate execs, entrepreneurs and people looking for breakthroughs revel in Pa’s stories of how he built multi-million dollar businesses in less than six months in nine different countries. They are inspired and encouraged that a man from such humble beginnings reached financial freedom by the age of 30. And they love the way he drives them – as in DRIVE, the clever acronym that, in his words, “helps people become a bigger version of themselves than they ever imagined. A lot of people teach about the vehicles on how to become more prosperous, but as with any vehicle, what matters is learning how to drive.”


To break it down: D represents people’s ultimate Desires. R is the Road they need to go down to achieve that desire. I is their identity – who is it that they need to become to go down the road to achieve those desires; V of course is the vehicle they need to use, and E is their End Game, their ultimate goal, the legacy they want to create.


These concepts are part of the foundation of Pa’s dynamic “Ignite Your Purpose” seminar, which offers people the opportunity to examine, create and receive hands-on access to what it means to design and live an extraordinary life – one that invites the unexpected and which makes it possible to reach beyond the ordinary. Pa’s program starts with “creating a vision and mission that propels the soul and positively influences other parts of your life” and determining “your inner compass and how to navigate your true calling.” He promises that it will profoundly shift your thinking about relationships, your emotions and your power to live – leaving you with the power to play the game of life with a renewed sense of purpose, grace and ease. Those who experience Pa’s “Ignite Your Purpose” leave with an unprecedented sense of vitality and an ability to bring themselves back on course, even in the most challenging circumstances.


“I believe everyone has something on earth that they were born to do,” says Pa, who began his career in this realm as an elite trainer with one of the world’s largest personal development organizations. “The whole point of what I teach is that we all have something unique to add to this world, and I want to help you discover and unleash that one thing you will leave behind.


“Sadly,” he adds, “most people die without realized potential. I like to think of myself as the ignition guy who helps you turn on your car. I have a good knack for reading people and understanding what makes them tick. I don’t accomplish this because I’m clever or smart, but because I create and share positive energy that allows people to open up and feel they can do more. I’m able to push buttons so when they leave my events or smaller coaching/mentoring sessions, they’re ready to take action.”


In addition to his developing global brand as a motivational speaker, Pa is the founder of the Making It Happen Now Foundation (MiHN), a social enterprise that supports inner-city communities and empowering young people to take control of their lives. It provides a platform that helps disadvantaged communities build a solid foundation for prosperity and self sustenance. Bringing the concepts of Pa’s interactions with adults to kids around the world, the organization gives meaning, hope and a sense of purpose, arming them with essential tools to meet life’s challenges.


Established in 2004, MiHN was the first of many of Pa’s multi-faceted entrepreneurial ventures, which also have included various real estate companies (building his own portfolio and helping others build their own) and The Wealth Institute, a comprehensive holistic educational platform offering financial knowledge and wisdom to help people cultivate a mindset for health, wealth and prosperity.


The cover of his illustrated bio includes the catchy line, “If life is a journey, Pa’s has been nothing short of an adventure.” But his travels as a speaker, peak performance trainer and success strategist are just the latest part of his extraordinary story.


Born in the tiny West African country of The Gambia, his father was a renowned table tennis champ. While participating in a world championship tournament in China, he found an illegal way to move to the UK, where Pa was born and lived with his parents for six years. Life was hard for illegal immigrants, so the family moved back to The Gambia, where for eight years Pa was cramped in a single bedroom for eight years with his parents and little brother Alieu in a household with 30 relatives. As he lay on the floor with Alieu, he dreamed of one day making new friends and being successful.

“It wasn’t a maybe, but a must,” Pa says. “I wanted to become an example for my people, rather than be a victim of circumstance. Africa had some of the world’s richest natural resources but so many people had limited mindsets. My dad told me, ‘Son, you have to work hard, but the opportunities are not here. Go out and find them.’ He wanted me to be different.” 


At 17, Pa left for the UK, where he enrolled at North London University. Though he eventually earned a degree in business analysis, he struggled with his grades due to working a full time job to pay for tuition and enjoying partying and hanging out with friends more than the books. The biggest reason for his academic challenges, however, was that a year into his time there, his parents sent his brother to live with him. Alieu fell in with some of the rough kids where they lived in Hackney, notorious at the time for its gang crime. Realizing that he had not been there for his brother, who then sought acceptance elsewhere, was a crucial turning point for Pa. Pa realized that if he didn’t “show up” for his brother, his brother wouldn’t show up.

Pa’s first experience changing people’s lives came from the powerful way he modified Alieu’s outlook by influencing his friends for the  better rather than forbidding his brother from seeing them. “If you know how to influence young people,” he says, “you can influence anyone. I realized that the way to connect to my brother and to influence him was by connecting with his peer group.”


During his schooling, he wasn’t quite sure of his future career but he knew he wanted to be a leader and not settle into a workaday job like many of his peers. He put himself through school working as a full-time building cleaner of a place called “Pimp’s House” and later as a stock boy at a retail store. His manager at the store soon promoted him to sales assistant. Pa was being educated beyond his classes – he was learning some foundational things about adult responsibility. During one year at University, where students take off from classes to gain real world experience, he worked as a product manager for another retailer, learning how to run a sales team.


When he graduated, Pa jumped on the opportunity to go into retail management for a prominent Fortune 500 company, serving various key management functions in running a store that had 120 staff members, including many young people. He realized he was a natural with people. “The secret of being a good manager was getting people to do things they wouldn’t normally do for others – and getting them to enjoy it!” says Pa. “I motivated my staff, trained them and set up a system according to principles, mindset and performance.”


He worked at the store for a few years but was restless for the next step – which came when the CEO and CFO from the company visited the store and were so impressed with the energy of the store’s staff that they offered him an interview for a prestigious corporate job with the company in Holland. Still in his early 20s, Pa became Head of Banking Europe; his position involved getting money from the chain’s 450 stores to the bank. Overseeing sales and corporate training initiatives in several other blue-chip companies, Pa was responsible for over $1 billion in assets.


“These executives saw the way customers were attracted to the buzz I had helped create in the store, where they would look in and see it, come in and leave with bags of merchandise,” says Pa. “I didn’t think the interview went too well, but I got the job and it lasted three years. It was a challenge being this young kid managing 100 accountants with a lot more experience. But what I brought was my energy. A lot of accountants are number crunchers and they needed a spark to become more efficient. I bridged this side of the business with the fun retail arena. I won the staff over by making them feel good about what they did, and taught them to enjoy what they do.


“However,” he adds, “I distinctly remember, on the day I was leaving about two and a half years into the job, that I didn’t want to be those people rising through the ranks over 30 years. When I worked in the store, I read a prominent book about habits of people who were game changers in business and it had struck a chord. While in transition while still in my corporate job, I was home watching QVC and saw a top motivational speaker selling his books. I got excited and called his office, hired one of his coaches, attended a live event, quit my job and got involved in the organization. To this day, I am known as the fastest promoted trainer in that organization!”


While working and speaking with this company and developing numerous other ventures, in 2009, Pa was approached by the largest seminar company in the world to be their European partner. His was charged with organizing grand scale events throughout the continent and evolving to deliver events globally. He brought a prominent motivational speaker to an event in Holland. Later, while arranging another in Antwerp, Belgium, a glitch with a partnering company led the deal to fall through. Wanting to deliver something to those who had already paid for the event, Pa quickly assembled a group of financial experts and led the presentation himself. His creation of the Ultimate Wealth Congress ultimately led Pa to strike out on his own and start The Wealth Institute, which gave rise to his own brand as a motivational speaker throughout the world.


“While working as a speaker under the guidance of others, I always had the desire to do it in my own way,” says Pa. “I’ve always been driven that way. Whatever walk of life they come from, whether they are climbing the corporate ladder or trying to get to the next level with their own businesses, people come to my events and work with me and my team because they feel they lack direction. They may have hit a plateau in their career and life and feel stuck – or maybe financially trapped in a job they don’t like because they have outside responsibilities. They’re busy building someone else’s plan, someone else’s wealth, and not their own. Or they lack direction and focus.


“My knowledge and understanding of business strategy and psychological drivers help create a framework for empowering them with the tools and will to succeed,” he says. “My diverse background gives me unique insight into what it takes to overcome faulty mindsets and show how to make success a habit. That’s the radical shift in perspective that drives me. On a personal level, I love connecting with people. I also love having a life where I choose what I want to do. I never settled and now I can carve my own path while showing people the way to go down new roads in their lives. I show people the possibilities of taking something that looks complicated and making it simple. The key to empowerment is learning how to apply it. It’s all about Igniting Your Purpose.”
















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