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In 2014, The Founder of Gleason Consulting Group Appeared

As A Game Changer in Forbes Magazine and Became A Bestselling

Author As A Contributor To “Transform,” Co-Penned By

Internationally Renowned Training and Development Expert Brian Tracy



As Janette Gleason continued to help modern leaders and high level executives in a wide variety of industries reach their goals and exceed their dreams through her books, creative workshops, coaching, business strategy sessions, program implementations and keynotes, the charismatic visualization and achievement coach hit some exciting milestones of her own in 2014.


While diversifying her clientele and conducting business strategy sessions for million dollar companies, she appeared in Forbes magazine with other leading professionals as part of a feature called “America’s PremierExperts® Presents: GameChangers,” where she was described as a business leader who’s not just playing the game, but changing it! Janette also became a bestselling author via her inclusion (with co-author and world renowned business development expert/motivational speaker Brian Tracy) in a volume called Transform.


In her provocatively titled chapter “From Caterpillar To Butterfly: My Life-Changing Transformation,” the Chicago bred, Arizona based entrepreneur tells the inspirational story about how in just a few short years, she and her husband Joe – owners of Gleason Tax Advisory Group and Gleason Investment Advisory – not only survived the devastation of the Great Recession (which for them, included foreclosure on their home) but rebounded to a level of success they could never have possibly imagined. Implementing the powerful tools of Infusionsoft, a top sales and marketing automation software program, Janette helped their business grow exponentially.


Placing third in Infusionsoft’s “Ultimate Marketer Contest,” Janette – who started her professional life as an elementary school teacher in the Chicago area - earned a standing ovation at the company’s annual User Conference in 2011 and later wrote her first book “Confessions of a Mompreneur: My Journey from Stressed Out, Stay-at-Home Mom to Successful Entrepreneur.” The mother of three young children brought the house down when she talked about the lessons and blessings of being a parent to a high functioning autistic son (now 12).


“I believe we are here on earth to create, and we all have the potential to achieve great things,” says Janette, who has since grown her diverse clientele far beyond the empowering foundation of Infusionsoft. “With the right tools and the knowledge to use them, you can accomplish anything. I help people achieve their goals by elevating them to a state of belief, retraining their brain and teaching them the art of visualization. In times of fear and doubt, I bring them bright ideas to help bring them back to their sense of creativity so they can continue on their path to success.”


To that end, Janette launched in January 2015 her very first ACHIEVE, an exclusive 10 week webinar course offering proven strategies for success, designed for high performance, high potential and goal driven business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. As Janette says in the marketing materials, “If you would like to increase your sales revenues, complete a big project or win a prestigious award, my proven goal achievement strategies can help you.”


Fashioned as a group forum with personal access to her as well as bonus live Q&A calls, class worksheets, checklists and templates, and an ongoing private Facebook group forum, the classes are organized in the same structure as the new book Janette is working on. Class 1 is Focus On Your Dreams and Goals; 2 is Unlock Your Potential; 3 is Call in the Troops; 4 is Stay Positive in Your Thoughts and Words; 5 is Visualize Your Way To The Top; 6 is Engage Your Creativity; 7 is Take Massive Action; 8 is Manage Your Fear and Doubt; 9 is Hold The Energy; and 10 is Celebrate the Process.


ACHIEVE grew out of the concept Janette created while working with her clients that she called the “Achieve Box.” The word has become an acronym featuring all of her key concepts: Act On Your Dreams; Create “I Believe Statements”; Hold Your Focus; Identify the Support You Need and Call in the Troops; Eliminate Fears & Doubts; Visualize your Celebratory Moment; and Engage Your Creativity to Bring Your Goal into the Physical World.


As her sphere of influence expands, Janette has continued on her mission to empower people to create their dream lives, crush their goals, land their sales revenue and win awards in multi-million dollar corporations nationally and internationally – helping them transcend what they ever thought would be possible and achieve their next career opportunities. One of her clients is leadership coach and speaker Mike Staver, who, in seeking to transition to create recurring revenue and income streams beyond his keynotes, has worked extensively with Janette on creating online programs and informational products.


Another key client is an attorney, whom she helped to create LegalZoom, a hybrid online/in person product/service in which papers are drawn up for online delivery, then reviewed in person by a lawyer. “I helped them create a new branding plan and website connected to it,” Janette says. “A lot of times, my work involved helping my clients get that strategy together. It’s all in the way they respond to my question, ‘Where do you want to go? What’s next?’ If they’re looking for a new revenue stream or to launch a new program, we have to get clear on what that will entail and work together to develop a strategy on how to get there. Generally, the businesses I work with are already established and their owners want to take them to the next level – or they’re bored with the way they’ve been running things, getting the same so-so results and I’m there to help them figure out a way to shake things up.”

In a parallel to her own success story, Janette also coached Lisa McLean, an Australian based owner of a commercial cleaning company, to not only successful growth of her business (with the opportunity for more coveted vacation time!), but also to enter and succeed in the Ultimate Marketer contest. By helping Lisa keep her eye on the prize and prepare her application, she ensured that the entrepreneur Down Under became one of that year’s three finalists. Just as Janette had done a few years before, Lisa and her husband and business partner engaged the audience at Icon (now the name of the Infusionsoft event) with her success story. “I did what I call ‘mindset coaching,’” says Janette, “making sure she kept her confidence and entered the contest and delivered her speech with a winning attitude.”


Janette’s success in multiple industries has earned the praise of some of her own idols in the field of personal and professional transformation. Pam Slim has made note of her “unique ability to take a goal and smash it,” while Sonia Choquette has called Janette a “Master Architect of Life.”


Additionally, Janette’s extensive work with Elizabeth Pitt, Infusionsoft’s Senior VP of Customer Delight (the department that handles tech support, online training and customer satisfaction) and her team inspired Pitt to proclaim, “Janette’s mastery of continuing to believe in periods of doubt is world class.”


Janette says that Pitt assumed her post in 2013 with lofty goals, crunching her numbers, so to speak, in a linear way. When she wasn’t confident on how she and her team might get there, she thought of Janette. Pitt hired Janette as a visualization coach, and Janette worked with her for three months as a personal coach. They met for half an hour once a week for three months, and Janette employed her very effective vision board in the process.


“She and her management team of seven or eight wanted to impact a million people through their work,” Janette says. “Elizabeth is very much into helping others and she knew if she hit her goals she could help Infusionsoft customers to be happy with the software and that would increase customer retention – and thriving businesses using this system could help countless thousands of customers and consumers. My task was to help amp up her impact. I taught her and the team to create in three ways: our thoughts, images and action. The goal was to get them to believe they could achieve these goals. I have always felt that belief is half the work! I made sure they believed they could crush it and I worked with those on her team who were doubtful until they got on board.”

One of the challenges for Janette was the decidedly “girly” nature of elements of the Achieve Box. It was decorated with stickers and numbers representing goal achievement. “On the inside,” she recalls, “I wrote ‘I Believe’ statements, such as ‘I believe I have what it takes as a leader to get all my employees on board and I believe we’re going to crush this.’ Because Elizabeth wanted to practice visualization, I knew it would be a powerful tool, just as I teach now in my ACHIEVE course, to have her choose a ‘Celebratory moment.’


“For me,” Janette adds, “when I was in the running for ‘Ultimate Marketer,’ it was running through my mind the way my acceptance speech would sound and what I would look like giving it. The visual became more detailed the closest I came to my goal. For Elizabeth, the moment was shaking her CEO’s hand and having him tell her ‘Good job’ and and taking them and their families on a weekend trip to the Omni Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Montelucia, where she would congratulate them over dinner.”

Whether Janette is engaged in private coaching, creative workshops, group coaching or goal setting strategy sessions, Janette is serving as “Executive Producer” to help industry experts package, produce and launch programs to reach a larger audience. Her vision is that everyone’s dream box is overflowing with achieved success. “What I do with my clients never feels like work,” she says, “ because sometimes at work you do things you don’t like to do – and helping people, I am right in my element. It’s fun, I enjoy it and I want to do this!” 


Back when she lived in the Chicago area, Janette was not only chosen “Teacher of the Year” for her work with her students, she also was skilled at teaching her colleagues about technical things, including how to use Powerpoint in the classroom. Her questions to them were always: What are the practical applications of this? And: How do I make it easy for you?

Her driving passion has always been empowering others to achieve their goals – and her students excelled because she always had high expectations for them and believed in them, even when they didn’t believe in themselves. With Janette’s background as a teacher, she has the ability to develop an engaging curriculum that is intuitive, fresh and while revolutionary in some aspects, also simple to implement.


Janette says that as early as second grade, she was looking around her classroom and imagining how her own classroom would someday be arranged when she was a teacher. She majored in elementary education and Spanish and one of her earliest teaching jobs was in bilingual education.


“I know I have the gift of teaching, and if I can’t explain things correctly one way, I can explain it another way until my students, or these days my virtual assistants and coaches, understand,” she says. “In my current role, I can fine tune those skills. I feel so fulfilled right now with my career and family. Both are so completely fulfilling. Yet there is so much more I want to accomplish. I want to write more books and speak and motivate people everywhere to achieve their goals. Everyone has an individualized learning path and there’s no perfect one size fits all formula that fits everyone. That’s where the creativity kicks in – and just as the children I once taught believed there were no limits in life, I want to inspire people with my success story so that someday it can be theirs as well.”







An Entrepreneur and Former Leadership Trainer,

Spencer Cites a “Deathbed Charge” From His Father As The

Inspiration Behind His And Noble’s Comprehensive,

Highly Personalized Process



Though Barry Spencer was heir apparent to his family business, one he describes as a “debt free, cash rich, profitable recurring revenue enterprise,” he opted to pursue a career path far from that of his father, who grew up poor on a Michigan farm and became a self-made millionaire. After receiving his Master’s in Education and Leadership, Barry’s extensive work in the non-profit world led him into a pioneering career with national and international leadership training and coaching organizations and eventually his own consulting and training firm


Now a well respected author and owner of three successful businesses, Barry inherited more from the elder Spencer than his entrepreneurial spirit and DNA hard wired for achievement. He also received what he calls a “deathbed charge” in April, 2007 from his dad before he passed away in Florida at the age of 62.


In a very surreal moment, like something out of the movies, Mr. Spencer reached out to his son with the words, “Be sure you take care of your mother” – “the Charge of a Lifetime” that set Barry on a passionate course to not only solve the troubled financial legacy of his own family, but to find a way to serve wealthy families like his own and help them plan for their futures.


Even before he and his business partner and longtime friend Scott Noble officially launched their trademarked, proprietary process Wealth With No Regrets®, Barry was sharing his family’s story with friends, neighbors and friends of friends in the hopes they could avoid a similar challenging fate. Although his father had a massive estate plan in place, the Spencers’ biggest fears about such things as estate tax issues were later realized. Nearly half of his dad’s wealth had evaporated three and a half years after he died, and his mom, in her early 70s, faced an increasingly uncertain future.

Worst of all, Barry’s family was caught in a downward spiral of conflict and regret – all because of well intentioned but ultimately poorly designed wealth planning. He found a kindred spirit in Scott, a fellow entrepreneur and veteran CPA, Personal Financial Specialist and CFO of multiple companies. Scott equates the humiliation of being “pantsed” during a high school basketball game to his family’s later struggle due to poor financial planning after receiving a windfall after leaving a tech company that sold for over a billion dollars.


“There are two or three strategies that could have preserved all that wealth,” Scott says. “but I missed out by not going through the process. Having endured this terrible experience of regret led me not only to work with Scott but to become a valuable speaker on the importance of a well thought out process when I speak to attorneys, financial planners, money managers and CPAs.”

Barry’s triumph now is in helping wealthy families remove the regrets wealth creates. He and Scott have helped countless clients and families throughout their home base of Alpharetta, Georgia (the greater Atlanta area) and throughout the country.

In his book “The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets,” Barry shares from his own experience that creating wealth is just the beginning, but enjoying it and making it endure is where the greatest meaning of wealth is found. The hard hitting, insightful work is designed as a roadmap for thinking about wealth in a more comprehensive way. He draws on his family’s own estate transition and his experiences in helping affluent families remove the regrets created by wealth.


Peppered with dynamic quotes from a wide variety of iconic voices (Bill Gates, Erma Bombeck, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, Henry Ford, even Jesus and Solomon!), the 145 page volume goes into detail about the many key facets of what Wealth With No Regrets® is. Among them: Wealth With No Regrets® is founded on wisdom and knowledge; it is a living plan, not merely a death preparation plan; it is a focus on the desires of your heart in motion now; it’s about more than assets on your personal balance sheet; it’s living responsibly with the use of all resources; it’s a living opportunity; and it’s a significant life purpose in action.


On the back cover of “The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets” is a powerful quote from Stephen R. Leimberg, CEO of Leimberg and LeClair and creator of “The Tools and Techniques of Estate Planning”: “Barry Spencer covers many of the deeply intimate and essential non-technical questions that need to be asked – but all too often are not – by estate and business planning clients – and their counselors.”

Spencer and Noble have also written a powerful report that serves as a manifesto explaining the reasons they created their unique niche, “7 Regrets


Wealth Creates and How To Avoid Them.” They call it “A Special Report for highly successful people who want to enjoy Wealth With No Regrets®.” Key “Regrets” they cover include: Paying more in taxes than you have to, Living with the fear of not having enough, Wondering if you’ve done everything you can to put your wealth in proper order and Not giving as much as you could have to the causes you care deeply about.

At the end of the report, Barry and Scott make an exceptional offer in a sidebar called “How We Can Help.” Their no-obligation, 73 minute (more or less) No Regrets Conversation is a lively, interactive experience that allows potential client to gain greater insight about their concerns and challenges, better understand potential opportunities in their situation and more clearly picture a bigger future and their desired intent.


To take advantage of this unique conversation that is “all about you and your situation” – not products, pitches or one size fits all solutions, they ask that people call 678-278-9632, email, or contact Barry and Scott through their website


Spencer and Noble believe that there’s only one way for wealthy people to enjoy true peace of mind, “walk away freedom” to do what they want to with whom they want to on their own terms, and also the freedom to give to cause and institutions that matter deeply to them. “The only way to accomplish these things with great confidence,” Barry says, “is to have a comprehensive integrated process that customizes a planning result that’s unique and personal to them.”


Critical to this process is a clearly defined written direction that gives individuals confidence that there will always be enough money for the duration of their lives. They believe that the most effective results come from a planning process that is simple, energizing and engaging, with outcomes that are understandable (Scott in particular has a unique expertise in “simplifying the complex”).


They welcome the opportunity to unlock their clients’ wealth potential, remove regrets and open the door to confidence and hope. It’s all about showing wealth creators how to avoid regrets so they can enjoy a life of greater impact personally in their family and causes they care about deeply. Through their proprietary process, cooperation is built among their clients’ other trusted advisors, resulting in a functional team that helps the clients accomplish their clearly defined goals.


“The reason we stress in our offer of the 73 minute call that we’re not about products, pitches or one size fits all solutions has to do with the modern financial  industry, which seems stuck in product solution mode,” says Barry. “Large companies sell people things they may or may not need because to them, it’s all about status quo in the industry and not about the individual client. Depending on who you’re dealing with, it’s all about an existing trust structure, legal document or financial solution but not about what the family or individual wants to accomplish. For them, it’s all about product pushing and they convince people that they just need the ‘magic trust’ or financial products that serve as ‘magic pills’ to solve all their problems.


“What Scott and I realized,” Barry continues, “is that people need to step out of solution mode, because the ‘fire fire ready aim’ approach eventually turns into ‘fire fire never aim.’ So we set out to reverse that into ‘ready aim fire.’ It was a ‘measure twice, cut once’ idea. Our question was, ‘How do we take the process out of the foreign language the industry speaks that put advisers in the position of control and give that control back to the people with money. We want to leave the money in the hands of those who own the wealth! That’s where Stephen Covey’s idea comes in. In his bestselling book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,’ he lists one of those habits as ‘Begin with the end in mind.’


“The only way to give it back to the people who have created the wealth, and ensure that they will be responsible for what happens with it here and after they’re gone is to ‘Begin with the end in mind.’ It starts with the vision and a unique set of priorities that result in a set of custom goals. Wealthy people tend to want to work with those who understand them and their situation, and Scott and I both have backgrounds that make these up front connections very easy. Clients know we’ve been where they are and that they can trust us.”


Perhaps the greatest irony of the Spencer Family’s struggles is the fact that Barry and his parents, upon the referral of clients Barry knew from the financial services business, met with one of the “big box” financial firms in Atlanta in the hope of securing the family’s wealth for the future.


“After ten or 20 minutes of conversation about my father’s wealth, the firm’s legal counsel arrived at the ‘solution’ that he said would solve my father’s estate problems,” Barry says. “He summarized the situation in a matter of three sentences of highly technical language. Also unfortunately, my father didn’t act upon these things at the time. Later when he was among his wealthy Detroit friends at the country club, he received referrals to their estate planners and advisors and he worked with those advisors, who did very traditional estate planning. The result of that planning was a 90 page legal document that troubled my dad enough to make that deathbed charge to me.”


Barry says that the services his dad got were simply deficient. Continuing the movie metaphor, he suggests that the firms he sought advice from are like the villains in the story. “Traditional estate planning and traditional financial planning are broken systems, while Wealth With No Regrets® exists to fix those things. My dad had an inkling that what he had done was going to cause problems, but at the time he embarked on his path, he felt he didn’t have another option. He was a very smart man, bte did what his friends did and what they told him to do. Just like my dad, the advisors he had were no doubt well intentioned and well meaning in what they were trying to do. But the reality is, he had outgrown their advice. His underlying vision and desire for himself and us, his family, was bigger than what they were capable of handling.”


Barry and Scott created Wealth With No Regrets® to ensure that people can overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. It’s a registered trademark process because no one delivers what they do. “We provide a unique experience that’s highly customizable, user friendly and in plain language communicates in ways that help people understand their present situations and the bigger opportunities that are out there,” Scott says. “We help clients uncover possibilities that excite them that they weren’t previously aware of, and help them create or realize hidden dollars they didn’t know were available. Then we put all the pieces together so they can have confidence in what they want to achieve. We take the potential regret and turn it into an opportunity they didn’t know they had.


Barry adds, “For me, the best part of what we do is helping people see these possibilities that they can’t see on their own and then helping achieve them. The important thing is that our process moves them from where they are to where they want to be, and helps them achieve what they want to do, whatever it takes to get there.”







A Former Caltrans Executive, Holguin’s Success

With Rehabbing, Flipping And Selling Homes

Has Landed Him on Major Networks and

The TLC Show “Flip That House”



 Growing up in the Southern California city of Whittier, Darrell Holguin was a natural born “people person” whose family taught him the great value of guiding and helping others and giving back to the community through volunteer work.


Though he played in semi-pro golf tournaments for a while and flirted with the idea of a career in law enforcement, his innate ability to connect with people led him to a successful six year stint working in PR for Cal Trans, the state agency responsible for highway, bridge and rail transportation planning, construction and maintenance. He was later part of the Business Development Team for IBEW/NECA, an organization that represents Electricians and the Electrical Contractors Union, dealing with state and government agencies for union contracts.


The discipline, scheduling structure and management responsibilities he learned while serving in these capacities paved the way for an unexpected turn of events that have led him to become a successful, multi-faceted real estate investor, helping people of all socio economic levels sell their homes quickly for cash and opening the doors for others to circumvent traditional real estate red tape, overcome obstacles and become proud homeowners.


As a fully independent resource not associated with any real estate agency, Darrell ensures that his clients receive a fair price for their houses, and often can sell their homes quickly, within days. Buying houses for cash ensures a much quicker process for sellers than going through conventional bank financing and escrows that can drag out and potentially fall through.


In essence, Holguin & Associates, LLC are Real Estate professionals who specialize in creating win-win situations for both buyers and sellers.  “We have access to private funds,” Holguin says, “which allows us to buy houses without going through the lengthy loan approval process. We can even buy your house with no equity and you will Get Cash For Your House!”


With his website serving as the foundation for his increasingly diversified business, Darrell works on both sides of the market - engaging in his expertise for purchasing homes for cash and rehabbing and reselling them while also listing “ready to go” high end homes for people seeking top dollar for their properties.


Drawing on his extensive experience throughout the market ups and downs since entering the industry in 2003, he facilitates individual deals via a vast database of buyers and sellers throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. Because he is all about helping people achieve their goals and dreams, he works in a wide variety of neighborhoods, from those with multi-million dollar properties to middle class homes in South Central L.A. Darrell has always appreciated the opportunity to turn a house that’s in various stages of disrepair and turn it into something beautiful – often with the goal of helping first time home buyers achieve their dream.


The West Covina resident has received many awards for revitalizing communities via home restoration and remodeling in many cities in the region, and his strong relationship with the Mayor’s office in Los Angeles earned him a business and mixed use property consultancy with the city.


Darrell has been invited to speak to many Real Estate clubs throughout SoCal, sharing his story of breaking into the industry and his expertise on current market trends. He has been featured in Forbes magazine and on CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC and all major television networks as the quintessential local RE professional. In 2005, he appeared on the Flip That House, a show created by the Discovery Home Channel and also broadcast on TLC.

More recently, Darrell was featured as an expert guest on the TV show “The New Masters of Real Estate with Ron LeGrand.” A noted real estate investment expert, mentor and coach, LeGrand hosts the show that was featured on NBC and other major network affiliates throughout the country.


 “The main thing I enjoy about working as an independent real estate investor is solving people’s problems – and if I’m not able to, knowing I have the resources and contacts to share with them if I am not able to guide them myself,” he says.

























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